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Original title: After delaying for so long, Jay Chou’s new album is really reliable this time

On the evening of June 19th, Jay Chou’s related information numbers became active one after another. Jay Chou, who has been drinking milk tea, finally announced the exact time for the release of his new album: he will meet with fans on July 15th. In the days without a new album, the news related to Jay Chou is still constantly swiping the screen. Not long ago, it cooperated with TME live to launch the online re-screening of two classic concerts, and received a high number of broadcasts; Continue to expand the business territory, open milk tea shops, build e-sports halls, and create trendy clothing stores, which continue to bring traffic and dividends to Jay Chou. First, singers such as Wang Xinling and Xue Kaiqi returned with “Sister Lang 3”, and Luo Dayou and Stefanie Sun “opened business” online. Recently, well-known musicians around the 21st century have returned to the microphone one after another, and nostalgia has gradually been blowing in the circle.

The new album is scheduled for July 15th

On the evening of June 19, Jay Chou updated the leading documentary of the new album on his personal social account, and previewed at the end: the new album will be released on July 15. After the video was released, five entries related to Jay Chou landed on the Weibo hot search list one after another.

In the leading documentary, Jay Chou traveled with friends in Paris, found inspiration in the station to compose lyrics and compose music, and also discussed recording songs in the opera house with equipment obtained from the flea market. Song Rui, a fan, said: “From the documentary point of view, this album should be in preparation very early. It turns out that Jay Chou has not been painting cakes in recent years, and I am very looking forward to the day the album is released.”

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In fact, as early as 2017, Jay Chou said that a new album would be released at the end of the year, but it turned out to be a procrastination; in 2018, Jay Chou mentioned at the concert that the new album would be released in early 2019; the next concert in 2019 Yes, it will be released at the end of the year, but the fan pigeons are still released…

This year, the expectation has finally resonated. There have been many related news before, which has whetted the appetite of fans. In early May, Jay Chou once posted: If I say that I will release a new album in June and July, do you believe it again? On May 12, Jay Chou posted: Please look forward to it and post a photo of the Eiffel Tower; on May 20, Update the social account and add the text: Do you want to do the styling yourself, and the new album will come by yourself? The old partner Fang Wenshan also released news on Douyin, revealing that the new album is in production.

Cross-border activities continue to file

In the days when there is no new album, Jay Chou’s profound influence in the field of music keeps his attention high. Besides music, he is also expanding his territory in the commercial field and carrying out multi-faceted cross-border cooperation.

He created his own fashion brand PHANTACi, established the brand “Mojie E-sports”, opened Internet cafes in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, established the tea brand “J-tea Mojie’s Tea”, and jointly launched a global limited edition with his old partner Fang Wenshan. Dolls, and these commercial activities are also becoming a lot of attention because of Jay Chou’s halo blessing.

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According to public information, Superstar Legend submitted an IPO application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 31. The company is responsible for the operation of Jay Chou’s IP and the production of bulletproof coffee and skin care products. Jay Chou’s mother, Ye Huimei, and Jay Chou’s artist agency director Yang Junrong jointly hold the With a 27.6% stake, it signed a ten-year IP licensing agreement with Jay Chou’s artist management company, Jewell Music. In 2017 and 2018, Jay Chou’s world tour concerts were also planned by the superstar legend to create a reality show “Zhou You Ji” which will be broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV in 2020.

More than nostalgia

On May 20, Jay Chou and Tencent Music Entertainment Group TME live jointly launched a concert re-screening event, so that many “post-80s and post-90s” were immersed in the aftertaste of youth. Recently, the classic singers who are deeply in memory have become active again.

“Sister Lang 3” is a hit, and many powerful singers have assembled in this variety show. Wang Xinling’s “Love You” has received over 10 million likes on Douyin on the first stage, and the boy “Wang Xinling” invests in love even more. Realizing the popularity for three consecutive days, Xue Kaiqi has also been on Weibo hot search for many times with her excellent stage performance; Luo Dayou’s online solo concert was played by 32.167 million people. On the same day, Stefanie Sun’s singing and chatting session on Douyin exceeded the number of broadcasts. 240 million.

Music critic Zhou Lin said that the success of nostalgic singers through the Internet is mainly due to the word-of-mouth accumulated in the industry, and word-of-mouth cannot be established by traffic and feelings, and it still requires the singers to have excellent business capabilities. After reminiscing about their youth, singers should come up with high-quality new works to make fans feel fresh, instead of blindly marketing popularity with nostalgia.

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Industry insiders pointed out that nostalgia is a good card that can’t go wrong, whether it is music works or variety shows, but the popularity of classics also reflects the lack of quality new works. The future development is inseparable from the productivity of the new generation of original singers. Only by attaching importance to the exploration of high-quality original songs can the music industry last forever.

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