After 16 years of living together, the Prime Minister of Finland exchanges rings with his wife

The couple met when they were only 18 years old. After 16 years of living together, the two have finally exchanged rings. Two years ago, the girl Anna Amālija Marina was also born.

The wedding was celebrated with a small group of friends and family in the presence of 40 guests.

Today, the Prime Minister published a post on the social network Instagram, which reads: “Yesterday we said to each other:” Yes “. I am happy and grateful to be able to share my life with a person I love. Together we have seen and experienced a lot, shared joys and sorrows, supported each other.

We have experienced youth together, grown up and now we are also older than our daughter. Thank you for being by my side! ”

The Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Mirella Marina, who has been called a milestone by the foreign press, has set many records in the chair of the head of government. She is not only Finland’s youngest ever Prime Minister, but also the youngest female head of government in world history.

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