Affordable and quality education, appropriate conditions: the government approved the plan for the development of education until 2030 | Armenian news

The Government of the Republic of Armenia approved the draft Law of the Republic of Armenia “On Approval of the State Program for the Development of Education until 2030”. Presenting the project, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Artur Martirosyan noted that the latest state program for the development of the education sector was adopted in 2011 and the long-term planning document consolidates the conceptual provisions for the development of human capital, recognized by the government as priority, is the imperative of the day.

“It concerns all levels of formal education, continuous education and proceeds from the fact that the progressive development of the economic and social life of the Republic of Armenia can be ensured by making tangible investments in the development of human capital. From this point of view, financial resources for education are not an expense, but a necessary investment in the development of the state and society. I must say that the center of the program is a person and the disclosure of his capabilities,” said Artur Martirosyan.

The ultimate goal of the project is to create a competitive education system. 3 strategic directions have been identified: the formation of a universal inclusive student-oriented educational environment throughout Armenia, increasing the effectiveness of education, as well as internationalization and export of educational services.

“I will highlight a few important provisions: ensure universal coverage of educational institutions, children entering school will be covered by preschool programs for at least one year, nursery services will operate in all extended communities. All educational institutions will have comfortable buildings, laboratories, work areas equipped with the necessary equipment. Teachers will be certified. Not a single child will be left out of the system of compulsory education,” Artur Martirosyan emphasized.

RA Deputy Prime Minister Hambardzum Matevosyan said that the project is quite extensive and will be submitted to the National Assembly in the near future.

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“We have set several criteria. First, we must fulfill our election promises, the plan for 2021-2026. It is very important to us that no high-achieving student is deprived of the opportunity to receive an education because of tuition fees. In general, educational services should be available to every citizen of the Republic of Armenia at the place of residence,” Hambartsum Matevosyan said. In this context, he recalled that the government is implementing a program under which several hundred schools and kindergartens are being built and overhauled.

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