AEVI awards a scholarship of up to 10,000 euros to the game with the most innovative mechanics

AEVI is one of the main supports for video game development in Spain. Within its organization chart, initiatives such as AEVI Aid stand out, an aid plan aimed at financing part of a national project, whether it is the work of an independent developer or a studio.

Through a press release, AEVI (the Spanish Video Game Association) has announced the rules for the fifth edition of the program, whose inscriptions will be open until November 6th.

Specific, Aids of the Age look for the game with the most original and innovative mechanics on the national scene. Of course it must be a project in development and without commercial purposes.



We qualify the latter: the project cannot be published (even in early access) on Steam, Newgrounds, Itch io and other platforms.

The project (or projects) with the most original mechanics aspires to a scholarship of up to 10,000 euros, which will greatly promote its development. It is a great opportunity for small developers in our country.

Registration is open until November 6, and must include a mini product sheet (PDF descriptive of the project), a development plan, a presentation and contact information.

Important: on the AEVI website they indicate that the sample of a playable prototype or demo will be positively valuedbut it is not mandatory.

A representative of the studio will present the project to the AEVI jury. If the project is selected for the final phase (there will be 10 winners at this stage)will face another 9 applicants to get the scholarship.

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The 10 finalists for AEVI Grants will be announced on the association’s website and social networks. In addition, the Big Conference event will be held on November 18 and 19, where more details will also be revealed to the press.

The AEVI jury and a group of industry representatives (to be announced in November) they will judge which project has the most original mechanics. You will also access the scholarship of up to 10,000 euros.

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It may happen that more than one project is selected by AEVI Grants. In that case, the grant will be distributed equally, and advice will be offered for the marketing, development and completion of the project itself.

Do you have a revolutionary idea for this year? Do you think your game can succeed? So don’t hesitate to apply for Aids of the Age in this fifth edition. Who knows, maybe you can start a promising project thanks to the scholarship and the development plan.

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