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Ye Xiang went all the way north, and has been in hot media searches for several days. It is said that these 15 wild elephants have now suspended their migration, and after a short rest, I am afraid they should also go home. Let us not ask, why do they leave the protected area? Not to mention, how much trouble has they caused to the cities and villages along the way? We are only discussing one question today. If the world had no humans, would animals live better?

In fact, in the first few months of the new crown epidemic sweeping the world, we were all surprised to see: When humans stay behind closed doors, wild animals begin to frequent human society. In the streets of Chile, cougars are strolling leisurely; in the streets of Israel, wild boars are running around; on the lake in the center of Mumbai, flamingos that cover the sky fly freely; in towns in Southern California, Every dawn can hear the scream of the male peacock courtship.

Humans are locked up, and animals can finally expand their territory, but without humans, it is a mixed blessing for them. Exotic plants and animals in the Amazon forest began to invade uncontrollably, and seabird habitats in the Baltic Sea have also been reduced due to the emergence of birds of prey. If there are humans, similar situations can be avoided.

This brings about a kind of thinking about laissez-faire and interference: unsolicited interference is an infringement, but not intervening at all in the survival of the other party may be unhelpful, and the international political issues of human society are now also posed In our relationship with animals and nature: how should we creatively intervene in the affairs of other ethnic groups? After all, man and nature must live in harmony.

Copywriting/shooting: Gu Wenjun

Video Clip: Yang Xiaofeng

source:Thoughtful Shanghai Author:Gu Wenjun

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