Advice from the DKI Provincial Government to Cyclists with the Middle Fingers of AA Plate Motors


A photo showing a group of cyclists driving on the right lane that was given the middle finger by an AA plate motorcycle rider has gone viral. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has also given advice regarding this commotion.

This photo of the group of cyclists on the right lane was uploaded by the @samartemaram account on Twitter, Thursday (27/5). The account wrote a satirical caption about a motorcycle rider who dared to raise his middle finger to this group of cyclists.

“How dare the capital’s anti-polylution fighters be,” wrote @samartemaram as seen Friday (28/5/2021).

The photo received various different responses from netizens and went viral on Twitter. The cyclist community through its Instagram account,, provides clarification in English. They admitted that the location of the photo was in the Upper Dukuh area.

They admitted that they were on the right lane, but this was because a bus was crossing the Dukuh Atas underpass.

“Yes, we drive on the right lane to pass down traffic in Dukuh Atas. This is due to a bus crossing to the Dukuh Atas underpass,” wrote, Friday (28/5).

The action of cyclists riding on the right lane reaches the ears of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria asked the cyclists to use the bicycle lanes that have been provided.

“Yes, of course, we asked our friends what it was called, yes, fans of road bikes, we use the road according to its designation. It’s not impossible to use the road, but the designation is regulated, when, which area, which route,” Riza told reporters. at the City Hall office, Central Jakarta, Friday (28/5/2021).

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It is feared that if road bike cyclists enter the public lane, it will result in a fatal accident. Riza reminded all motorists to respect each other on the road.

“If a bicycle enters a public lane like that, it will be very dangerous. For that, we ask that in the future, let us take care of each other, respect each other so that in Jakarta it can be better, safer, and we organize everything for the benefit,” he said. the Gerindra Party elite.

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