Adopt An Animal, the search for animals for adoption

Protectors and animal associations do an increasingly noble job to save the lives of pets and find them a safe haven. In this sense, websites such as Adopta Un Animal are postulated as a great option to provide the necessary support due to their promotion of adoptions and the financing of animal shelters, through new technologies and marketing strategies.

Within the web portal, they have a search engine for animals for adoption that helps the animal protectors to find a home for pets that they have in their shelters.

Adopt an Animal, the platform to find a new pet

All animals deserve a second chance, as many of them have been abandoned or homeless, so adoption is the best alternative to save their lives. Adopt an Animal, in its purpose of helping animal protectors, has designed a free adoption management platform.

By entering the website, users will be able to find all the available pets for adoption. Selecting an animal will immediately display the entire necessary information of the pet such as sex, breed, age, character, as well as a very detailed description of their behavior.

The animal protectors or associations that wish to use the Adopt an Animal platform must register on the web portal for free and take advantage of all the advantages that this website offers to sponsor or adopt a pet.

Support for animal protectors and associations

Adopt an animal is a project that was born from the hand of Rodrigo de Miguel, its founder, a software engineer who, after volunteering at an animal shelter and learning about the anguish of these shelters, decided to apply his knowledge in the area of engineering, developing a support website for animal associations.

The project is not only a pet adoption platform, it also has a online store selling t-shirts with animal design. A portion of the funds received from this sale are donated to animal shelters in need of support and financing, thus contributing to improve the management and care of animals.

With the aim of helping animal shelter associations to publicize their animals for adoption, soon Adopt an animal will launch their own brand of food with which to help the protectors and associations who want to collaborate, thus sealing another commitment to animal protection.


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