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In 2022, good news will come from each campus of Zhongyu Bella International Education Group.

As of January 14, Zhongyu Bella’s 2022 graduates received a total of early application offers92pieces, including scholarships596,000dollars.

Of course,For the students of Zhongyu Bella International Education Group, admission is the best reward for everyone! Our students have not only received admissions from famous universities in the United States, but also gained admissions from famous universities in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc. The application season is still in progress, and we are looking forward to more good news!

Admission News | 92 offers, $596,000 scholarship (to be continued)

The above are some of the admission lists. We will update the admission status in succession, please continue to pay attention!

Zhongyu Bella College Guidance Center has a professional team, rigorous process and efficient service system. From grade 9 to grade 12, tailor-made their own further study plan for students, establish a student’s personal study abroad database and track the whole process.

at the same time,The Group has abundant and high-quality resources for further studies in foreign universities. Every year, the admission rate of students entering foreign universities has been maintained at 100%, including the top 50 in the United States, the top 10 in the United Kingdom, the top eight in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Admission to prestigious schools in Eurasian countries or regions such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Zhongyu Bella aims to send each student to the most suitable university and help students seamlessly connect to famous universities around the world.

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