Adele interrupts concert due to an emergency in the audience

Popstar im Hyde Park
Medical emergency in the audience: Adele interrupts her concert in the middle of the song

Adele performing in London’s Hyde Park

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Adele played a concert in her British homeland for the first time in five years. At the performance in London there was also a dicey scene in the audience – and the singer reacted immediately.

Adele’s fans have been waiting for this for a long time: after a five-year break, the pop singer played a concert in her native Great Britain again. In London’s Hyde Park, she performed as the main act at the sold-out BST Hyde Park Festival in front of 65,000 enthusiastic spectators. The 34-year-old not only proved once again what a gifted artist she is, but also that she has an eye for her fans.

At her show, the Brit just performed her hit “Skyfall” from the James Bond film of the same name. But in the middle of the song she suddenly interrupted the concert and shouted: “Stop, stop, stop!” From the stage, she noticed a group of spectators in the crowd waving and calling for help – apparently there was a medical emergency. Adele called security to help the fan in need.

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Fans appreciate Adele’s prudent effort

“They’re coming,” the singer reassured viewers and urged the crowd to make room for the paramedics. After the rescue workers reached the fan, she continued the concert: “All right, let’s start again” – to the cheers of tens of thousands of fans.

Adele looks over her shoulder at the camera.

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After videos of the scene circulated on Twitter, numerous users celebrated the singer for her prudent use. “I want to express my great respect for Adele for stopping the show when she felt someone was having trouble and needed security help,” wrote a fan who filmed the situation. “It was more than 65,000 spectators and she still did it.” It was also praised that Adele not only interrupted her performance, but also walked across the stage to get a better overview of the situation.

Star casserole at the Adele concert

Adele last gave a concert in Great Britain in 2017. The pop diva now lives in Los Angeles. The Hyde Park show was their first concert in months. There were numerous stars in the audience, such as James Corden, Tom Cruise and Natalie Portman. Her ex-husband Simon Konecki and her son Angelo also attended the festival.

Earlier this year, Adele canceled a Las Vegas concert series scheduled to last through early April a day in advance. Because of delivery problems and the pandemic, the show was not finished on time, she said in a tearful video message at the time.

Sources: Kieran_sw on Twitter / DPA


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