Addressing Challenges and Advocating for Change at the Winhöring Animal Shelter

Visit to the Winhöring animal shelter. There are many problems to solve. Christina Hörl, 1st chairwoman of the animal protection association, took the time to discuss the current difficulties with state parliament candidate Mary Fischer, 21st, and Andrea Wittmann, 41st on List 3 (Free Voters). The animal shelters’ capacity has been exhausted. A big problem is the lack of mandatory castration.

It would be urgently necessary to implement the castration requirement for outdoor cats. Demand from politicians: Proof of castration and keeping of cats in order to curb overpopulation and identify owners. The illegal transport of puppies is also a massive problem. The animals remain the property of the owner and will be returned to them after the quarantine period is over. The puppies usually do not survive the isolation period without psychological damage – they are puppies who have no contact. The right to the animal should be forfeited. Demand from politicians: much harsher punishments so that this doesn’t happen anymore.

Christina Hörl also gave an insight into the organization and activities. Financing of the running costs through the association and the participation of the municipalities. There are currently 10 employees, including 3 trainees and 1 Bufdi. Proof of specialist knowledge from the veterinary office is mandatory in order to ensure proper care for the often sick animal. A medical highlight is a swimming pool for physiotherapy, which supports sick dogs.

There is also valuable work with children and young people, such as raising awareness of shopping behavior by paying attention to the “not tested on animals” certification.

Report and pictures: Visit to the animal shelter in Winhöring / Free Voters

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