Action days of the painting group of the Weickartshain cultural ring are very popular


Of particular interest were the works of art integrated into the natural landscape of the chewed iron.
(Photo: Lind)

WEICKARTSHAIN – On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the painting group of the cultural ring Weickartshain, two painting action days were held on the weekend. In addition to the presentation of numerous works of art, the special features of the event were the renewed on-site painting of the ten group members Andrea Albert, Sabine Chilvers, Cezary Cichecki, Karl Heinz Hartmann, Alexandra Hollmann, Bernhard Konietzny, Olga Lutz, Cordula Michaelsen, Annette Oster -Stroh and Annemarie Pernak-Trüller.

In addition, taking into account the specified corona requirements, visitors had the opportunity in the idyllic nature of the former iron ore mine “Germany” to use paint and brushes individually and to let their creativity run free. The children, in particular, had fun painting the amazing results.

Relics from previous actions

In addition to observing active painting, the guests were also able to examine numerous objects and pictures cleverly integrated into the natural situation in the extensive grounds. Among them were also some relics of actions that had taken place in the chewing iron in the past. The pictures of this year’s confirmands Sarah Marie Schmidt, Lucie Dörr, Lara Scharmann, Fabio Schmidt, Marija Lara Miller, Jana Krüger, Paul Berg, Luis Weeke, Ben Pernak, Mick Biedenkopf, Lukas Schäfer, Kara Bräuning and Rolf Diehl. With his visit, Mayor Frank Ide, who had traveled to Weickartshain with his wife and dog, brought the congratulations of the city’s committees. Group spokesman Karl Heinz Hartmann went into the details of the foundation of the painting group created in 1995. This was preceded by a request to him for a painting course. At that time he could never have imagined that a motivated painting group, which is still active today, would survive.


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