Across the moon to Trump’s hotel

He’s already made folk sounds, so the fall of the Berlin Wall, which should open up a new home for him, was out of the question: Peter Braukmann, born in Hildesheim in 1953, toured half of Europe with his Schnappsack duo at the end of the seventies. He ended up in Meissen almost 15 years ago through various television jobs, where he mainly organized other appearances and wrote crime novels.

Peter Braukmann against the backdrop of Meissen. © handsome man

Ironically, in 2020, the year of the cultural standstill, his fingers were itching again. And so he recorded a new album in his home studio, with which he also celebrates a valued colleague. For “Hochseil” Braukmann made ten songs by the English singer / songwriter Allan Taylor his own. He not only gave them their own timbre, he transformed them into absolutely contemporary songs with new German lyrics. That covers the entire spectrum between romantic ballads, love, ironic petty singing and protest songs. The ex-US president doesn’t just get something fried in the “Trump Hotel”, Braukmann rather unmasks the system that made Trump possible in the first place. He opens his heart in “Colors on the Moon”, and shares his memories in “Hilde’s Kitchen”.

Great praise from England

He played guitar, mandola and harmonica himself, Zoë Conway sent him violin sounds from Ireland, among others, others in the distance played him passages with organ, dobro, bass, bagpipes, trumpet, saxophone, flute and clarinet. Nevertheless, the sound is never overloaded, but comes to the point to let the melody and text shine. This also inspired the original creator of the music. Allan Taylor attested to Peter Braukmann: “Great! Well done! “And he added:” It’s great for me to hear my songs with a different arrangement, in a completely different interpretation. ”

Taylor also praised all the musicians involved and came to the conclusion: “You made the songs your songs. That’s exactly how it should be. ”Now Braukmann is just waiting to be able to play the new material live. He will probably bridge the time until then by writing more songs. But maybe he’ll write another Meißen crime thriller in between. In any case, he somehow brings his adopted home into the light of public perception.

The CD: Peter Braukmann: Hochseil. Rillenschlange music publisher

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