Acilia, cocaine in the cash register: police dog finds shopkeeper pusher

Merchant of Acilia peddling in the shop, arrested. The nose of Isco, a trusted dog from the canine team of the Rome Police Headquarters, betrayed him: during the search he immediately went to the cash register.

The dog headed for the cash register where the cops found the drugs and related accounts

The shopkeeper, in fact, had not bothered to hide the drugs. In fact, he kept it close at hand. Inside the cash register, in fact, almost 4 grams of cocaine were found, material for the packaging of the substance, a notebook with the accounting of the store written on it, 870 euros in cash proceeds from the illegal activity and 3 marijuana plants. from which 35.6 grams of narcotic were obtained.

So for the man, a thirty-two year old from the place, the handcuffs were triggered on charges of detention for the purpose of drug dealing.

The agents of the 10th Lido district of Rome carried out the operation. The investigators – having received some reports – have stationed outside the business together with colleagues from the dog section. The dog, Isco, took care of the rest. is on Google News:
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