About the All-Russian professional competition “Flagships of Education. Municipality”

Jan 14 2022, 16:00

From December 2021 to September 2022, ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” is holding the All-Russian Professional Competition “Flagships of Education. Municipality”.

The purpose of the competition is to search, develop and support promising municipal teams of managers in the field of education with a high level of professional competencies and cross-professional skills.

A team of five specialists from one municipality can take part in the competition, consisting of the head or deputy head of the municipal education authority, a specialist from the municipal education authority, the head of a structural unit (for example, a methodological service), heads (deputy heads) of educational organizations located on the territory municipality.

The competition is held in five stages:

Stage 1: registration of participants (December 2021 – February 2022).

To participate in the competition, each team member must, by February 28, 2022, complete electronic registration on the official website of the competition (www.flagmanmunicipalitet.rf);

Stage 2: remote (March 5–15, 2022). It consists of testing blocks: in the areas of “Functional literacy”, “General knowledge”, “Psychological, pedagogical and economic and legal aspects of organizing the work of the municipal education system.”

Based on the results of the distance stage, the values ​​of the team ratings are determined, which is the sum of the individual points of each team member.

Team rating values ​​are determined separately for each conditional zone “West” (Central, Northwestern, North Caucasian and Southern federal districts) and “East” (Far Eastern, Siberian, Urals and Volga federal districts). Lists of teams that successfully passed the stage

distance testing and passed to the semi-finals will be posted on the competition website;

Stage 3: distance learning program (March 15 – April 15, 2022).

60 teams that, based on the results of testing, received the highest ratings in the conditional zones “West” and “East” and passed to the semi-finals, will be invited to pass the advanced training program “Development of a program for the development of the municipal education system”;

Stage 4 (full-time): 2 semi-finals of the competition (April 15-21, 2022). The semi-finals are held in Moscow in the form of a problem-analytical business game “Municipal Education System: Ten Years”.

A source: http://inkrasnogorsk.ru/novosti/zhizn-oblasti/o-vserossiyskom-professionalnom-konkurse-flagmany-obrazovaniya-municipalitet


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