About Schnauze: Theresa Günther and the nature of dogs

If you look into the eyes of a dog, you also look a little way into your own soul. Hardly any other pet is so much a friend, family member and ally. How intense this friendship is, everyone can decide for themselves. Theresa Günther from Northeim would like to find out how intense it can be together with animals and owners. As a coach, she accompanies the wonderful but also challenging moments between two and four-legged friends with “About Schnauze”.


Individual dog training

Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act regulates exactly who is allowed to call himself a trainer for dogs and who is not. Theresa Günter has around 560 hours of training on the slip – and has now turned her vocation into a career. The woman from Northeim relies on individual, non-violent and animal welfare-compliant training. “Dogs are very similar to us humans on both a feeling and an emotional level. For example, they feel joy, fear, pain or sadness just like we do,” she says. She recommends that this aspect must be observed in training and in everyday life. “Just like with us humans, emotions contribute a large part to the behavior shown”. In doing so, she also clears up a myth directly. “There is no such thing as pack behavior in dogs, in which the dog sees the human as the pack leader.” Instead, the animals find reference persons and react to this social contact sometimes more, sometimes less sensitively. It is important for people to learn mindfulness during training. “This is how dog and owner grow together and build trust.”

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A dog and his human

It often starts with simple things, which Theresa Günther clarifies in her training philosophy. “I don’t have a collar.” A well-fitting harness is much more comfortable for the dog. “It hardly poses any health risks, has a higher practical benefit and it can also have a positive influence on social behavior.” “I often experience that dog owners misinterpret the behavior of their animals and then react prematurely. As a result, undesirable behavior can develop over time,” says Günther. Punishments are seldom the right means, but the reward is almost always the right one. That’s why “About Schnauze” teaches patience and the right view of large and small signals. “It is important to know and recognize the needs of the dog for a relaxed togetherness.” Many conflicts can often be solved with calm, knowledge and forbearance on the part of the owner. “Every human-dog team is different and individual. Every human being and every animal has its story and small or large packages to carry. This view is the focus of my training.”

Coaching as an experience

The coaching itself takes place in the open air in familiar surroundings around Northeim. During a walk, the trainer examines the interaction between animal and human and also between animal and animal. Because her own dogs are always by her side. Before each training session, there is always a detailed preliminary talk, to get to know each other, so to speak. “The customers can communicate their training wishes, I know the dog and owner and the training plan is created,” says Theresa Günther. She is already starting to keep a training diary with all the important information, goals and developments. It accompanies the trainer, dog owner and dog as an important reference work over the entire period. “But it’s also a nice reminder of this time together.”

A real friendship

However, her customers are not just pet owners who want to solve a problem. “I also accompany people who want to intensify and develop their relationship with their dog,” says Günther. Above all, it’s about having a great time together. Also welcome are people who are considering getting a dog and want to know what is important or which dog might suit them best. “Families with (small) children are particularly close to my heart. Because as a mom and as a trainer, I can tell you from experience that the constellation of child and dog is not always as romantic as is often praised,” she says openly.

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Off to dog training!

“For me, a dream is coming true,” says Theresa Günther with her experience as a trainer and is looking forward to many encounters on two and four legs. If you would like to find out more about the offer and about Theresa Günther, you can browse her homepage here and contact her directly. Dates, services and prices can also be found there.

You can also get in touch on social media, for example on Facebook and Instagram.

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