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*For international students: We will send email in English separately regarding the Japanese government’s Student Emergency Support Handout, at a later date.

December 21, 2021


In order to urgently support students who have difficulty in continuing their studies due to the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease, the government has established an “emergency benefit for students, etc.” system. Students who wish to receive this benefit should apply by the deadline.

Payment amount

100,000 yen

The name of the applicant (student)It will be transferred to your savings account. (If you do not have an account in your name, you need to open one.)

Target students

Meet the requirements of the following recipientsUndergraduate and graduate students. (In principle, students enrolled in October 2021 are not included.)
※However,Even if you do not meet all of the following requirements, Benefits may be granted depending on the circumstances, soIf you think you need financial support, please apply

Payment requirements (standard) Exam preparation, etc.
(1) As a general rule, they live outside their homes (even for home students, students who are financially independent from their homes) Living outside the home means that the student is away from the livelihood and pays the rent. It is necessary to submit proof that you are going to school outside your home (a copy of the lease contract for the apartment, etc.).
(2) Not receiving a large amount of remittance from home A large amount of remittance is a guideline for the amount of remittance from home of 1.5 million yen or more per year (excluding entrance fees including tuition fees).
(3) No additional support from the family can be expected due to a decrease in the income of the family (one of the parents)

(4) Due to the new coronavirus infection, part-time job income is affected, and the situation is one of the following 1) to 3).

1)Due to the influence of Corona, the situation where the expected part-time job income cannot be obtained continues.
2)Compared to before the Corona disaster, part-time job income has decreased significantly (50% or more)
and the situation has not improved even this year.3)

Even if the part-time job income has increased or reached a certain level, it is difficult to continue the study because the part-time job income has to be increased due to the deterioration of the family’s economic situation.

If the part-time job is covered by the employment adjustment subsidy and the employer has paid a leave allowance, the allowance will be considered as part-time job income.

The month in which part-time job income has decreased significantly since January 2020 is the “current month”. It is necessary to submit a copy of the pay slip, etc. that shows the decrease in the two months after January 2020. (5)Satisfy any of the conditions 1) to 3) on the right for the existing system
1)Those who have applied for or plan to use the new study support system and are using up to the limit of the first-class scholarship (interest-free)
2)Those who are not covered by the new study support system and are using up to the limit of the first-class scholarship (interest-free)


Those who cannot use the new study support system or first-class scholarship (interest-free) because they do not meet the requirements, but are using (planned) a support system that allows applications including private citizens.[Remarks]Students receiving the JASSO benefit scholarship on December 10, 2021 are automatically eligible for this application, so this application is not required. give me).

Application deadline

Tuesday, January 11, 2025 pm

Strict adherencePlease bring it directly to the Student Affairs Division (Student Support Section) or mail it. (* You cannot apply by email)

Documents required for application

Please download and print the form (Word) from the following. (Both double-sided printing and single-sided printing are possible)* Please be sure to check the note (PDF) when filling out the form.* If you have any attached documents that cannot be prepared by the due date, please contact us as soon as possible.Attach to applicationEven if you can’t get all the necessary documentsIf you can describe the reason

We can accept applications

Contact / Application

Tsuruga, Itsukimachi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture 965-8580Student Support Section, Student Division, University of Aizu (in charge of emergency benefits for students, etc.) [Window time]weekday8:30
17:00(* The room is closed on weekends, holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays.)【telephone】0242-37-2515(
Ext. 6120



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