About animal abuse

I hear a lot of talk these days in certain media about the concern that the new Animal Welfare Law promoted by Unidas Podemos will condemn those who mistreat an animal in the same way as those who mistreat a person. Some commentators are raising their hands to their heads, as if beating a dog is not as serious as beating a person. What difference there are? Spain is a country of many pets, but we also mistreat animals a lot. Only in popular festivals, more than sixty thousand a year, which is so that our faces fall in shame as a country. Some two hundred thousand dogs and cats are abandoned every year by their owners, placing us at the head of Europe, which is another embarrassing fact. Despite these terrible numbers, the problem now, with the new law, is whether it is more serious to mistreat an animal than a person. It is that there is no reason to mistreat anyone, to begin with. But beating up a dog, who is not going to understand the harsh punishment in any way, is one of the most despicable things that human beings can do. Therefore, let the full weight of the law fall on whoever beats a dog or sentences it to live its entire life tied to a chain or rope on a roof or plot, something that also happens all too often. It was about time that this ugly matter was legislated, because only then will we begin to respect the rights of animals. I have been suffering from this all my life, having a hard time seeing how we are capable of hanging a greyhound because it no longer runs hares or abandoning dogs or cats as if we were leaving an old piece of furniture in the clean point. I have several pets between dogs and cats, maybe too many, and sometimes I have chosen to eat them, instead of myself, because they would never understand that I starved them to death. I take them to the vet when they’re sick and coat them when they’re cold, because I love them more than myself. I don’t sleep with them, I don’t shower with them or eat from the same plate with them, but when it comes to mistreatment, honestly, I don’t distinguish between animals and people. Totally forbidden to mistreat any living being doing physical or psychological harm. And if we only understand things with a strong hand, firewood for the abuser.

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