About 7.5 billion rubles will be directed to education in Lyubertsy from the district budget in 2022 – Economy

RIAMO (LUBERTZY) – Dec 3. About 7.5 billion rubles will be directed to education in the urban district of Lyubertsy next year. This was announced on Friday at a public hearing on the formation of the municipal budget for 2022 and for the planning period 2023-2024.

Total revenues for 2022 amounted to 12.7 billion rubles, expenses – almost 13.5 billion rubles, deficit – 778 million rubles.

“The municipal program“ Education ”provides for funds in the amount of 7 billion 579 million rubles, or 122% by 2021. This is the fulfillment of the municipal task, the maintenance of our educational institutions – 6 billion 325 million rubles, repair work – 306 million, private kindergartens and schools – 235 million rubles, meals for students in schools – 351 million rubles, meals for children from preferential categories in kindergartens – 12 million rubles, compensation for parental fees in kindergartens – 116 million rubles, creation and maintenance of additional places for children aged 1.5 to 7 years – 79 million rubles, ”said Andronic Pak, head of the financial department of the Lyubertsy administration.

He added that 15 million rubles were allocated for the implementation of the transferred state powers of the Commission on Minors’ Affairs, 22 million rubles for the maintenance of the education department, and 12 million rubles for the provision of technical equipment. Also, 20 million rubles were allocated for the improvement of the territories of kindergartens and schools. For the USE, 7 million rubles are provided, 35 million rubles are allocated for the purchase of inventories and furniture. 44 million rubles were allocated for other events.

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