Abandoned one-on-one with the elements of animals are rescued by caring Amur residents – Vesti

Over the weekend, animal rights activists took out a sick Alabay from the flooded Vladimirovka. He stood in cold water for several days.

Left to the mercy of fate, the dog was seen by one of the Annunciation and contacted the volunteers. According to neighbors, the four-legged guard is not a vagabond, but the owners did not take care of saving the pet. The dog, whose hind legs do not work due to illness, received hypothermia and indigestion due to hunger and the fact that he had to drink dirty water. Alabai was handed over to veterinarians and given a new nickname – Zeus. There is a long course of treatment ahead.

And on the Amur embankment in the regional center, young people helped a pheasant who could not cope with the strong current. The rescue footage quickly spread across social networks. What happened to the bird further is not reported.

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