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[The Epoch Times, August 5, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Louise Chambers / Wang Jingyi compiled) A deaf dog has been sent to a Florida shelter, where it is being treated by a retired hearing-impaired dog. The professor found the perfect permanent home there.

Champ, a 14-month-old Labrador, was handed over to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which shared its story on Facebook.

They explained: “Chap’s family handed him over because he was deaf and they couldn’t provide the care he needed. Chapp is now adopted by Davelis Goutoufas, who is also deaf. people!”

(Courtesy of Tampa Bay Humane Society)

Photos of Gutufas meeting Chapp at the Florida shelter show the pup sharing a hug with the smiling professor, and Chapp getting some food from its new owner.

Gutufas, a former adjunct professor at the American Sign Language Organization (ASL), went to the shelter on a whim to see what dogs were there, and he was fascinated by Chapp. He told Fox 13 News: “When I approached the cage, it was super friendly to me. I petted it and then as I walked out, it came up to me and made a soft bark as if trying to convey : ‘Please choose me'”.

Seeing this, Gutufas felt compelled to go back into the cage and pet it again. According to Gutufas, Chapp was so excited that when the former professor walked past, Chapp stepped forward again and gave a soft cry.

(Courtesy of Tampa Bay Humane Society)

Gutufas has had Labrador retrievers since college. When a shelter employee told him that Chap was a deaf dog, he knew he had found a dog that was a perfect fit for him.

His daughter is studying American Sign Language in college. With the support of his daughter, Gutuface officially adopted the dog and renamed it Apollo in honor of his Greek heritage. “No words can describe the direct connection between them,” wrote shelter staff, who called the combination a “perfect match.”

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Hundreds of well-wishers commented, congratulating the Humane Society for their successful resettlement.

“God, my heart!!! I’m not crying, you’re crying!” one netizen wrote. “I don’t think I’ve heard of a more appropriate and warmer adoption than this. God bless you both, enjoy Your new family!”

(Courtesy of Tampa Bay Humane Society)

“This dog and its new owner are amazing. Both of them are deaf and definitely made for each other,” wrote another.

Since being adopted, Apollo has lived an active life that includes swimming, playing, boating, riding in a golf cart, and being pampered by his new owner’s extended family. The former professor was still teaching Apollo — which already knew some sign language commands — and some more sign language.

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