A young woman turned away from a Casino store because of her cleavage


“After all, we are in France, we still have the right to dress as we want, right?” In the columns of Var-Matin, Marion does not take offense. This mother of two was refused entry to the Casino store in Six-Fours-les-Plages, in the Var, on July 31. While she went there with her mother-in-law to buy diapers, the security guard at the entrance judged that her outfit, namely a top with a neckline, was too “bare”.

Called in to reinforce the customer’s protests, the store manager agreed with the security guard. “She was obnoxious. They made me look like nothing, in front of everyone! No matter how much I defended myself, they didn’t want to hear anything! Yet I am used to handling funny situations, but there, they made me crack. When I got home, I cried like a baby … “, relates Marion, who is thinking of filing a complaint a few days later. But the police officer on the spot finally makes her change her mind.

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“This attitude is not tolerable”

“I put myself in his shoes and imagine the humiliation and trauma suffered. But I also know that it will be complicated to prove that this incident is a criminal offense, and that it is unlikely that the prosecution will follow up ”, explains to Var-Matin the police officer in question, who then contacted the director of Casino for his side of the story. Against all expectations, the manager finally admits having been wrong to act in this way. “The manager admitted to having acted badly because, she explained to me, she did not want to disavow her security guard in front of all the customers. She admitted that Marion’s outfit was acceptable. And that they didn’t ‘should not have refused him entry “, adds the police officer.

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The director offers a “commercial gesture” as a pledge of good faith, which Marion refuses. Contacted by Var-Matin, the national management of Casino has apologized to the customer and claims to have called the store in question to order. “As soon as we learned of the incident, we contacted the service provider responsible for monitoring the Six-Fours store, to remind him of our commitments in terms of hospitality and courtesy towards our customers and asked him to immediately remind all his employees of these commitments. This attitude is not tolerable, ”Casino said.

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