a young woman filmed on a scooter on a stretch without an emergency stop tape! (video)


“The next measure of the Écolos is the Brussels Ring for bikes. Today, they have made the first tests! “Quips the trucker who filmed this Monday morning, at around 7:59 am, a scooter who was driving on the Brussels Ring, on the continuous white line which runs along the safety rail, in a place where there was not even an emergency stop strip!

“I filmed this scooter – with the camera which is fixed on a support mounted on the bed of my truck – near the Brussels Ring interchange with the E40, in the direction of Liège / Brussels, just after the exit from Zaventem, where the 3 bands on the left allow you to take the direction of Luxembourg and the two bands on the right those of Liège and Brussels via the E40 ”, he explains.

And to comment: “If you want my opinion, this person is irresponsible or, then, it’s provocation! I have been a truck driver for 22 years and I can tell you that road safety has not improved for all this time! “

Also questioned, the federal road police did not yet seem to be aware of this incursion on the highway of a scooter while writing these lines.


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