a young retiree wins € 1.5 million in Lotto (Mouscron)

This Friday morning, Liliane Goor in the communications of the National Lottery came to give the symbolic check to the lucky bookseller!


Christophe Vanneste has validated a seven-figure ticket in his Intermarché bookstore on avenue Mozart!

This Saturday, May 1, the six Lotto balls came out for a Mouscronnoise.

It was not during the live draw that the barely retired lady noticed it, as explained by Christophe Vanneste, the lucky bookseller of Intermarché on avenue Mozart where the ticket was validated.

We had to tell her the amount in Belgian francs for her to understand.

Mouscron: a young retiree wins € 1.5 million in the Lotto


“By asking me to check his ticket, the machine tells me that the gain is greater than € 2,000. I therefore inform my client that she must go to the headquarters of the National Lottery, in Brussels, to withdraw her winnings, ”remembers the bookseller.

When I told her that it corresponded to 62,000,000 BF, then she understood and she quickly left!

At that time, the self-employed person cannot say precisely the amount earned by his client. The machine does not detail the jackpots.

Faced with the lady not necessarily delighted to have to go up to the capital, he then offers to check for himself how many winning numbers she has.

“I see she has all six numbers. I tell her that she therefore won € 1,500,000. As she is already a certain age, I then translate the sum into old Belgian francs for her, ie 62,000,000 BF! There, she understood and she quickly left… ”smiles our interlocutor, who has been present for nearly 20 years in the Galerie des Mousquetaires.

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“I have never seen a client win a prize like this while I organize large jackpots. Another client ‘just’ won € 22,000 from me at the start of EuroMillions. ”

To mark the event, Liliane Goor at the National Lottery Communication came to deliver the large symbolic cardboard check to the bookseller this Friday at the end of the morning.

The anonymous testimony of the winner

Enter the bookstore for your newspaper and come out a millionaire with a Quick Pick

Mouscron: a young retiree wins € 1.5 million in the Lotto

“This is my first jackpot. Another client ‘just’ won € 22,000 from me at the start of EuroMillions. ”


Lotto? It’s possible! “The day before the draw, I bought my weekend newspaper and a Lotto ticket, as I have been doing for five years,” says our winner.

“The next day I checked my ticket at my bookstore,…. and it was he who told me the good news! I am without doubt the happiest woman in the country. ”.

Three course menu

What is a pensioner going to be able to do with an amount of exactly € 1,500,001.25 for her old age?

“You mustn’t ask me twice,” said our Hainuyère. Enjoying life in a renovated house and, above all, looking forward to spending a pleasant holiday in a sunny destination.

And given the difficulties that the catering industry has experienced over the past twelve months, local restaurants can certainly count on me to give them a helping hand. Let them be reassured, from now on, I will also have an aperitif, a starter and a dessert, ”she concludes with a laugh.

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