A year after the El Paso massacre, fear and anger are still there


On August 3, 2019, 23 people, mostly Hispanics, were shot by a gunman in an El Paso hypermarket. In the Texan city, we do not forget that“Hateful rhetoric in a divided nation” led to this killing.

In the parking lot of the El Paso shopping center, the words ofEternal love (“Eternal Love”), a ballad in Spanish written after the massacre which left 23 dead and twenty wounded in the Texan city, resonated again on Monday, August 3. As recalled by Texas Tribune, the song, written by a local resident, is about the tragic loss of a family, “Of agony and memory”, and had been performed several times after the drama.

Fear and anger are still present in El Paso, a year after a gunman targeted Hispanics in the city, according to the Texas site. “To prevent an invasion of the United States”. Patrick Crusius, 22, spent last year in prison and is charged with dozens of crimes “Which could lead to a death sentence”, but of which he denies being guilty.

For some, this punishment would be “Justified”, note it Texas Tribune. But for others, what’s more important now, “Is that people don’t forget what led to the shooting: hateful rhetoric in a divided nation that


Nicolas Coisplet

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