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According to NYPOST Recently, a resident of Hell’s Kitchen jumped from a high building holding a dog to her death. Her identity has been identified as Linda Holston, who recently moved to New York.

Holston, 60, moved from New Mexico to Manhattan in 2017, where he performed in a community theater. According to an online profile, in New York, she studied acting at William Esper’s studio and completed her studies in 2019.

According to reports, she is 5 feet tall (approximately 1.5 meters), has brown hair and blue eyes. In 1981, she graduated from the Pacific College of Art in California.

There is a picture of Holston on the Internet, in which she is smiling and holding a puppy with a yellow ribbon around her neck.

A receptionist at the Pure Paws Veterinary Care Center on East 42nd Street said Holston brought her dog here for routine care. She said that the dog is a terrier named Jake, who is 16 and a half years old this year.

On Friday afternoon, Holston took her dog from the roof of the luxury rental building on the 46th floor of Hell’s Kitchen on Tenth Avenue.

A police source told reporters that she left a note expressing the various pressures she is currently facing, and found a medicine bottle in her apartment.

“She is so cute,” said a resident of the building, who was also the owner of a dog, and wept when he heard the news of Holston’s suicide.

She posted photos of watching the game and the Yankees game on Facebook.

She has clocked in Central Park Zoo, New York Botanical Garden and Hudson Yards.

She also uploaded a video of an empty street after the new crown lockdown began in March 2020. A friend advised her to pay attention to safety, “because you are now in a dangerous zone.”

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Holston has two roles on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), one is a role in the short film “Larry Larissa Linda”, and the other is a role in the TV series “3A Apartment Dialogue” “(Conversations in Apartment 3A).

According to her Facebook page, she appeared in an off-Broadway drama called “The Accidental Awakening” in 2019.

Her Linkedin page lists a series of sales jobs before coming to New York. In New York, her last job was part-time fundraising for the Manhattan Theatre Club, which ended in March 2020.

There is such a sentence on the page, which makes people can’t help but fall into contemplation. She wrote on her personal homepage: “What a wonderful world this is.”

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