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Who ever said that Salvini is hurt by investigations? Maybe the opposite is true. It may even be that the attention of the prosecutors towards him has the tonic effect of a vitamin, allowing him to present himself to the Regionals as a persecuted politician. There is the illustrious case of the Knight who, especially under elections, surfaced the wave of his 35 trials to present himself as the sacrificial lamb of collective sins (“they strike me but it could happen to each of you”). The more they tried to drag him to the dock, often close to the elections, the more Berlusconi stood as a martyr for clockwork justice and increased his already vast consensus. Matteo is not Silvio, the size of the characters remains quite different; but until he is caught red-handed, the leader of the League will always be able to proclaim himself innocent and denounce an attempt to kill him through the courts. That the machine of suspicion goes wild within a week of the vote is only a great convenience. Also because it brings those spotlights back on him that had headed elsewhere.

It has been months since Salvini did not “hole” anymore. He often goes on television but the audience ratings remain mediocre. Since he is no longer a minister, people have yawned and changed channels. In August he was surpassed in the share by “Don Matteo” and “Paperissima”. Growth on social media has taken a pause for reflection, despite the propaganda team directed by Luca Morisi shooting him in his name about thirty tweets a day. Now Salvini makes the title because he grabs his girlfriend Francesca in public, when they tear off his shirt and chain, if in Campania they throw tomatoes at him or instead it is he who threatens to jump off the plane with a parachute. To arouse interest, the great Ennio Flaiano would say, Salvini is forced to “do Tarzan”, that is, to invent circus numbers. All the fault of a message eternally identical to itself, with the merit of consistency but over time become monotonous and repetitive, well-known and obsessive. The invasion of migrants. The NGOs accomplices of the smugglers. Europe deaf and insensitive. The criminals to be closed to the cage without mercy. Minister Azzolina to be kicked out. All a déjà vu that, as such, is not news.

Like it or not, the media world works like this: first it exalts you beyond your merits and then, once you reach saturation, it suddenly drops you. From one day to the next you become invisible, compare to believe what happened to Renzi with his 40 percent at the 2015 European Championships. A year ago, if you listen to the polls, Salvini had nearly 37 but managed to lose 12 points in as many months and now it is worth a maximum of 25 percent; the Northern League balloon is gently returning to the ground. The real enemy of the Captain is precisely this languid sense of decline, of soft gliding, with the future in danger of slipping behind even before having enjoyed the fruits.

To reverse the downward trend, a feat would be needed, for example a resounding victory where no one had ever succeeded before, next Sunday in Tuscany. If he managed to overthrow half a century of “red” dominion in that Region, then Salvini would silence all the doubts that have even sprung up within the League. He would return very strong in the center of the ring, ready to give the final knockout blow to the Conte two government. If it ends instead as in Emilia Romagna, with another push against the wall, not even the successes of the center-right in the other regions would dispel the impression of a declining leadership, which has already given its best. Until a few days ago, the second of the two seemed more likely. But the media-judicial powerhouse got back to work with the stopwatch in hand. And if he continues to make him a victim, even Salvini like Silvio can hope well.

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