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Live music turned off, festivals postponed and canceled, theaters and museums closed: in the face of the cancellation of culture, the immensity becomes the only possible context where to create new musical forms and possible sharing spaces.
It is with this spirit that Milan Triennale e YOU LOVE ME Festival and they have combined resources and spaces to ignite “The Concert Film” by the singer-songwriter from Turin Andrea Laszlo De Simone, accompanied by what he renamed as “Immensity Orchestra”, made up of 11 elements – rhythm section, winds, strings, guitars, keyboards and choirs.
For the first time in Italy, a musician occupies various spaces of the Triennale Milano in what is in effect a real residence, from which it will be taken “The Concert Film” with the directed by Fabrizio Borelli – already at work with Ettore Scola, Andrei Tarkovskij, Luigi Comencini and Ermanno Olmi and who has been involved for a long time for the RAI networks in the television sector – and the production of Borotalco.tv.
A cinematic and unrepeatable live opera which symbolically represents rebirth, debut in a special streaming event Sunday 11 April his Dice.tv.
The 25-year-old photographer is also in the project Marco Previdi who will take care of the backstage.

To the proposal of a live streaming, Laszlo responded by imagining a real happening. An unrepeatable concert in the form of content produced and curated, to create a path from dark to light: “from the suite“ Immensity ”- the last work that literally conquered the French critics as well as the Italian one – to the new song“ Vivo ”.
“The idea of ​​a live streaming concert has never thrilled me. The lack of an audience in the room, the risk of technical problems in the broadcasting of the live broadcast, the methods and conditions that often in my opinion do not guarantee the spectators the opportunity to really enjoy the show “, explains Andrea Laszlo De Simone. “This is not an attempt to replicate the emotions of a live, but a real ‘concert film’. I would like to thank Triennale Milano, MI AMI and all the partners and professionals involved for allowing me to give life to this audiovisual content designed and created for digital use “, conclude.

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“Il Film del Concerto” is a MI AMI production with Triennale Milano, in collaboration with DNA Concerto, The Goodness Factory and 42 Records.
For MI AMI – the reference Festival of new Italian music since 2005 – is the first ever live streaming concert: a way of experimenting and innovating with forms while keeping alive the mission of support and sharing of Italian music which has always been the beating heart of the festival.
The digital event also marks the debut of the traveling review #miamimimanchi, which fills the void left by the MI AMI Festival – postponed to September 2021 due to the persistence of the health emergency – with a series of innovative hybrid events, located in several important locations in the city.

“We rarely use words like happiness and dream, which carry a heavy burden and an often disreputable reputation”, jokes Carlo Pastore, director of MI AMI. Which then explains: “Yet I find no better words to describe the happiness of having worked on such an ambitious and loving work, which uses sound and imagery to draw a real daydream. So let’s try to move this monster of the concert in streaming a little further, overturning it ”.
Pastore closes with thanks: “In the middle of the red zone, with music and culture turned off, this work would not have been possible without the collective effort of the subjects involved: DNA Concerti, The Goodness Factory, 42 Records, who did much more than they had to; our team, fantastic; the director Fabrizio Borelli and the DOP Oreste Gallina; the enormous talent of Andrea Laszlo De Simone, simply a great artist. Finally, our biggest thanks go to Triennale for opening its doors to us while everything is closed, and for letting us work on the dream with moving freedom and commendable support “, closes the director of MI AMI.

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“The Concert Film” it will rekindle the spaces of Triennale Milano currently devoid of their productions – such as the Theater – and the marvelous Curva – usually used as an exhibition space and which now, almost ironically, twill transform the music into an exhibited performative work. A very rare conjunction which becomes a magic formula. The dark that becomes light, a dream that becomes reality.

The original illustration of the poster is edited by Irene Carbone, illustrator and cartoonist from Turin with studies at the International School of Comics, since 2015 in the creative duo Irene & Irene and for some time involved in the Andrea Laszlo De Simone project for the creation of the covers of the discs “Immensity” and “Ecce Homo”, the animated videos “11:43” and “All disappeared”, as well as having created the creativity of the digital cover of “VIVO”.

For “Il Film Del Concerto” he has handcrafted a work that leads back to Federico Fellini’s best cinematic imagery. The work will be printed in very few limited edition copies, signed by the artists and available for purchase together with the virtual ticket for admission to the Concert.

“Il Film del Concerto” will debut in streaming on Sunday 11 April at 9.30 pm on Dice TV.
The first one thousand “With eyes open” tickets will be on sale at € 12 + dp, then the price will go up to € 14 + dp
Tickets can be purchased here: https://link.dice.fm/zp5AWqONUeb
Special bundles are available that add the original autographed limited edition poster, the event t-shirt and the fanticket to the ticket.
All about Dice.fm, MI AMI’s exclusive reseller.

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