A total of 1,500 hp and 380 km / h for the Divo, the most powerful Bugatti


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Updated:04/24/2020 01:53


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Exceptionally handmade, looking for character, strictly limited and with a completely different management performance, the Bugatti Divo is truly one of the most impressive and exclusive hyper sports cars today. After two years of rigorous development, the first models are already being delivered to their customers. True lucky since the brand only will build 40 unique Divo, yet net unit price of 5 million euros.

Is 1500 C “beast”V It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.4 seconds. But the journey to this point has faced the entire team with great challenges. After extensive computer simulations, the first prototype completed its first few kilometers of testing around a year after the project began. From the simulation, engineers know the exact axle load data and can use this data to design the chassis configuration, including the appropriate stiffness index. After this, the parameters for the regulation gate are adjusted in small steps in combination with the tilt of the wheel and the re-tuning of the steering system.

To do this, the engineers had to take the car and go through various test fields, winding roads and race tracks, such as the Nürburgring circuit. For the development of the chassis, only more than 5,000 kilometers of tests do it through all speed ranges of up to 380 km / h in the three driving modes of the car: «EB», «Highway» and «Driving».

Experts achieved this agility by using less weight, increased downforce, and a more direct chassis configuration. This includes a change in wheel lean on the front and rear axles, harder springs and a more front-oriented balance. As a result, the Divo’s top speed is limited to 380 km / h. These measures increase agility, that is, the vehicle’s response to the steering angle input. In addition, the Divo has dropped a total of 35 kilos of weight compared to the Chiron thanks to the systematic lightweight construction.

Despite being a super sports car, the Divo is still very suitable for everyday use with great aerodynamic properties. The hood now has air intakes that reduce the front area of ​​the vehicle and improve air flow. An optimized air curtain offers better air conduction in the front and rear areas of the sides of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the newly shaped front spoiler serves to increase downforce, directing more air to the front air intakes. This provides the cooling system with a higher air mass capacity and increases overall cooling. In addition to the four independent air sources on each side of the vehicle to cool the brakes.

Experts even optimize the roof. In conjunction with the modified rear end, a high mass air flow is achieved in the engine compartment, thus benefiting temperature management. At the same time, these measures prevent air from swirling the vehicle and developing turbulence in the rear wing. Fixed at height and 1.83 meters (72 ”) wide, the rear spoiler ensures a high level of downforce: 23 percent wider than the rear spoiler on the Chiron, but its angle can still be adjusted for modes individual vehicle and continues to function as an air brake. The wing is supported by the rear diffuser, which is designed and accommodates all four tailpipes more efficiently.

Inside, new sports seats with upper side supports keep occupants in their seats safely even when cornering at very high speeds. The steering wheel is partially covered in Alcantara and has extended shift paddle-mounted shift paddles on both sides. This allows drivers to access manual shift gears and experience even more driving pleasure.


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