A thousand farmers unable to irrigate due to theft

The sector of the farming continues to suffer severe setbacks. The last blow was received by the community of irrigators of sector IV of the Xúquer-Túria Canal, located in the municipality of Picassent.

The community suffered a robbery in the early morning of May 28 that has left a thousand farmers without power water, due to the damage caused to the facilities.

Criminals, as denounced by the Valencian Association of Farmers (AVA-ASAJA), looted, in search of revalued metals such as copper, all the technological facilities necessary to irrigate the farms.

In the complaint filed by the irrigation entity before the Civil Guard, there is talk of economic losses direct costs amounting to 30,000 euros, including the breaking of doors, perimeter fences and the electrical equipment themselves.

Damages that are added to the impossibility of watering and carrying out adequate fertilization in an area close to 8,000 flooded crops, mainly citrus fruits, persimmons, kiwis and avocados, during the days that elapse until the repair of the dismantled equipment is completed, since these agricultural tasks are essential in the current period of the year to guarantee a correct growth of the fruits.

Since AVA-ASAJA has been warned of the high risk that these thefts multiply in the agricultural sector, a scourge that only in 2020 supposed 25 million losses for Valencian farmers and ranchers, and they have demanded greater vigilance both in the farms and in the points of receipt of stolen goods.

In this sense, the president of the association, Cristóbal Aguado, affirmed that “thieves destroy crops that have good prices, there are those who have extensive knowledge in irrigation equipment because manipulating them carries a high risk of electrification. They say that they are not going to plant in a plot near the town simply because they fear that the thieves will take everything before they go to collect ”.

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And he assured that “administrations are failing and, instead of providing solutions, they try to confuse public opinion by saying that robberies are decreasing: complaints are decreasing because most farmers understand that they are useless, but robberies they are still alarming. “


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