A strange two-meter-long carcass discovered on a beach in Fréjus

Dolphin, porpoise, sperm whale? The two-meter body of a second aquatic animal was seen this Thursday morning by joggers and residents a few meters from the restaurant Le Mas d’Estel, on the wide Esclamandes beach in Fréjus.

“My dog, whom I took out this morning, was attracted to the scent of this skeleton. He looks like he has a flat tail. I think he’s a dolphin.”, suggests Emilie, from Mougins, who was visiting her mother in Saint-Aygulf this week. According to the young woman, the remains of this mammal, at an advanced stage of decomposition, would have washed up on the beach last night following bad weather.

“It looks more like a porpoise to me”, says Nicolas, who was also walking his pet this afternoon. Formerly called “sea pig”, this aquatic creature is smaller than a dolphin but instead occupies the cold waters of the Atlantic or North Sea. Would he have come all this way to get stranded on the expanses of sand of the Mediterranean?

This discovery comes a few days after that of another “mammal” which seems to be “of the sperm whale family” on the beach of Cogolin. After having been analyzed by the Marine Observatory, directed by Jean-Philippe Morin and Adrien Gannier, the corpse of this cetacean should be observed by the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

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