A step forward, unfolding military documents, using privileges for vaccine quotas Injecting troops – family

A step forward, unfolding military documents, using privileges for vaccine quotas Injecting troops – family Revealing the number of soldiers infected with covid ready to ask for fairness

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On June 30, 64, Mr. Nuttcha Boonchai Insawat, a Bangkok MP and spokesman for the Kaw Klai Party, said that as a follow-up to the military reform policy and military conscription Found in April More than 984 soldiers, families and civilians involved have been infected with COVID-19 so far, with more than 22,370 in quarantine. More than 2,215 people, families and civilians involved in the quarantine were found in quarantine, with 271 cases being quarantined in June, and another 5,190 were required to be quarantined.

These are numbers, at least officially reported in the Army system only. At the same time, the Royal Thai Army continues the process of enlistment, with a rotation of 1/2564, will enlist in the army on July 1 onwards. By submitting a letter requesting a vaccine quota to the Department of Disease Control at least 60,000 doses for conscripts and related personnel.

Mr. Natcha added that if the army sees people’s heads and doesn’t want to increase the burden on the public health system, The military recruitment process should be stopped. At least wait until the outbreak is over. Because at present, even though they haven’t recruited for a new turn, there are still a small number of army personnel attached and detained. If there is a military conscription to form a group, fearing it will become a new cluster. It is not yet appropriate for the authorities to distribute 60,000 doses of the vaccine to the conscripts and personnel involved. Although there is no urgent need as the frontline medical personnel. or the elderly, patients with 7 groups of high-risk diseases vaccinated and also has a very small proportion of injection

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“I want the army to see their heads and respect their people. Or at the very least, don’t make it into a new cluster. What can be avoided What can be stopped first should be stopped. Otherwise, just wait and see, it will become a cluster like a prison or a construction worker camp. even if avoided, but refused to do Most recently, on June 24, it was reported that the Panurangsi camp, 1st Army Area, was in the reserve sergeant course, infected 73 people from 161 people, and the whole month of June, the Panurangsi camp hospital found more infections. 107 people have to detain hundreds and thousands of people involved.

If the same standards are used to order the restaurant to close, not to sit and eat in the shop. or order to close the camp order to close the business at night Barracks are another place where outbreaks occur. But the government did not order the closure or postponement first. I want to ask where is fairness and equality? The army will act as a land of twilight. Is the mysterious land always privileged? He was also about to bring in more conscripts. and also cut the quota for at least 60,000 doses Therefore, I would like to ask for fairness or transparency at this point as well,” said Mr. Natcha.

Mr. Natcha continued that there is also a story about the Army in the big picture. That includes a list of troops to be vaccinated and requesting a quota from the government as well. In the document it was found that the word “Information on booking appointments and receiving vaccinations against Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Whitelist) of soldiers and their families along with the attendants residing in the government residences…” So I wanted to ask where is the fairness? Why is the general public being vaccinated? but the personnel and crew of the Army personnel Therefore, it is privileged to be able to request a queue for vaccines in this manner.

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In addition, the document also found that vaccination urgency was broken down in order. Found some names of agencies that cause questions whether they are appropriate or not, such as military students and the Royal Cadet Academy, which the real status is no different from teachers and students in general education institutions who have not been vaccinated, such as together But these military students had the opportunity to reserve the queue already. Some of the sequences are duplicated with the ready doctor system, such as the retired personnel on Oct. 1, who are already over 60 years old, or the 7-disease-risk group, which is a group that the government has announced to inject urgently. already Why set a specific quota? not included with the normal system of the people of the whole country

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