A sports court will replace the current bullfighting arena in Illunbe


The arena of the Illunbe de Donostia bullring has begun a transformation process to become a track that allows the practice of different sports, while still serving as a space for bullfights when there is a fair.

The City Council has awarded the company Construcciones Echaide the renovation works of the screed, which consist of removing the existing sand and demolishing the burladero. Likewise, the base will be cemented and a layer of asphalt chipboard and another final layer of porous chipboard will be placed. An easily removable barrier will also be placed for when you want to resume bullfighting activity.

Donostia Kirola has made an investment of 333,000 euros in this intervention. The works started last day 20 and have a planned execution period of 90 days, so the new hearth will be ready to be used from the end of October, allowing, in addition to basketball, matches of other modalities such as handball or futsal, among others.

This operation is the first step in a more ambitious plan of the San Sebastian consistory to convert Illunbe into a multipurpose pavilion that will also host concerts and shows, without having to build a new infrastructure, such as the one that was proposed last year in the surroundings of the Zorroaga hillside.

This would require more investment. Using a system of panels and curtains (150,000 euros), the capacity could be delimited for three show models: 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 spectators. Other works would be necessary to define boxes and ‘hospitalitys’ – areas for guests and VIPs – (500,000 euros), as well as to place a ‘trust’, which is a lighting and sound structure that is placed on stage and that goes up and Low depending on the show (200,000 euros).


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