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A strange and painful case, that of 9 thousand racing pigeons that had departed from Peterborough, nel Cambridgeshire, for a trip north-east that should have taken about three hours. The point is that of those 9 thousand pigeons about 5 thousand are missing. The group of birds was part of an event organized throughout Great Britain that involved 250,000 birds, taken off from 50 different places.

Thousands, as mentioned, are missing. Desperate Richard Sayersi, a breeder, who takes it out on Facebook: “One of the worst days in our history“. The return flight was of about 270 kilometers, a simple path for a carrier pigeon. But obviously something strange happened.

Experts say they are certain that one geomagnetic storm confused them, even though the weather forecast was favorable. The point is, racing pigeons they normally navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field as a sort of “satellite navigator”, which, however, was probably distorted by a strong activity on the sun that caused the geomagnetic storm.

This is just a hypothesis. The truth is that experts had never encountered such a phenomenon before. Always Sayersi expends himself in an appeal: “There is the possibility that someone will find a pigeon in their garden. Please don’t ignore it, give it water and seeds to help him on his way. “It is not difficult to recognize the birds of that group, as they all had a ring around their legs.

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