A security guard at a family hotel in Sochi strangled a dog

The mongrel infuriated the Sochi security guard

Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV

In Sochi, animal cruelty shocked dozens of people. A mongrel sneaked into the territory of one of the resort’s family hotels. The small-sized dog did not show aggression, but the hotel guard threw a strap from a belt around the dog’s neck and dragged the animal out of the gate with a drag.

The incident was reported by witnesses. They tried to interfere with the man, but could not take the dog away from him. Having dragged the animal outside the hotel territory for several meters, the guard removed the belt from its neck, closed the gate and left.

After the execution, the dog that remained lying on the ground showed no signs of life. Eyewitnesses reported the incident to the police. People hope that the guard will answer for the cruel treatment of animals.


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