A score of Femen activists break into the Musée d’Orsay after vetoing access to a girl with cleavage [Video]


The feminist activist group Femen held a protest on Sunday morning at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris after preventing a girl from entering the gallery for wearing a garment “too low-cut.” The incident took place on Tuesday, September 8 and was made public after the girl herself told what happened through an open letter that was uploaded to her social networks.

Jeanne, the young woman in question (@jeavnne on Twitter), explained the situation that caused the protests: “I arrived at the museum and before showing the entrance, an employee already told me that it would not be possible. I still didn’t know what my cleavage was the trigger for the situation. ” They did not explain why, but she claims that the security personnel talked to each other and looked at her cleavage. Finally, they tell him that they have to comply with the rules and that he must wear a jacket to access, which he did.

After the stir generated, the museum’s own management has contacted the girl to apologize for the incident and insist that they will review the access protocol to avoid similar cases. Jeanne herself has declared to various media that she does not intend to boycott the Parisian gallery, on the contrary, she will continue to go. But she has made her case public “to remind us that women are still discriminated against every day.”

The international organization Femen decided to organize a protest in the museum to denounce the case and more than 20 activists took off their upper garments to show their bare chests and shout in chorus “this is not obscene”, a phrase that some were also painted in the body.

“Stop the sexualization of women’s bodies!” Is the main message of the organization through its social networks in France, while sharing images of the protest.

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