A sad photo taken in our seaside resort stirred the spirits

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A photo on Facebook, posted by Mariana Valcheva, who lives in Plovdiv, stirred the spirits on the social network. Here is what the woman in the group “Interesting places in Bulgaria” shared:

“House in Chernomorets, built in 1932.

I noticed it more than 10 years ago, it was empty then, abandoned, but it “grabbed” me with something. I remembered!

I looked for her again last night.

It’s there, still abandoned … even more ruined.

It impressed me again.

I liked her again, as she is – desolate, weather-resistant, carrying her charm, at least for me. “

Some of the comments below the post:

– It is so all over the country. Destruction. In beautiful houses. And I see through the window that Vitosha has been half-built with ugly Mutren palaces. Everything is at the expense of another ….

– I adore the spirit of these old and abandoned houses … I always imagine how people lived there, how they celebrated, how they loved … How many children ran up their stairs …

– Such houses usually have many heirs who cannot understand each other or divide it

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