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Labor Minister Martin Kocher is drawing inspiration from abroad for the restructuring of unemployment insurance. Some countries score with reforms, in others the labor market crisis is permanent. An overview.

Unemployment insurance is being scrutinized. Labor Minister Martin Kocher has initiated a reorganization of the system, which was last reformed in 1977. Kocher has a “degressive” model in mind: the unemployed get more money at the beginning and less money over time. Kocher is drawing inspiration from abroad for the reform. He traveled to Sweden last week, and a visit to Lithuania is planned for next week.

The unemployment rate rose across Europe in the Corona year 2020. Across the EU, it climbed from 6.7 to 7.1 percent after falling for years. However, this does not cover the full extent: During the crisis, many people stopped looking for a job due to a lack of prospects and do not appear in these statistics. While some countries are recovering, high unemployment is the norm elsewhere, even in good times. Where can Austria learn something for the labor market reform and where is it better not? “Die Presse” provides guidance.

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