A pensioner injured in sa Riera

Ramón, a 66-year-old retired, complains that he was attacked by a dogor large and dangerous in the sa Riera de Palma park. “I was quietly in the park, leaning on the railing, when suddenly a large dog jumped on me and began to bite me,” says Ramón. The victim fell to the ground, where he was attacked by the dog, causing bruises on various parts of the body and small bleeding wounds caused by the bites.

«A mother and her child, owners of the dog, came to my aid and removed the dog. When I managed to recover from the shock and the injuries, we reported what happened to the Local Police of Palma. A few minutes later a patrol arrived and identified the animal’s owners.

Ramón had to go to a Valldargent medical center where he was treated for his wounds and a complete medical report was provided. Once he was treated, he went to the police to file the corresponding complaint. The victim regrets that the dogs are always on the loose in that park.


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