A passenger is reportedly breastfeeding the cat on Delta flight


November 24, 2021 7:35 pm

1 passenger reportedly handled her furry dog like a true baby on a Delta flight to Atlanta. Picture / Unsplash

Most pet entrepreneurs will go to good lengths to take treatment of their pets.

When it comes to folks and their pets, the issue often is just not what you would do for them, but what you would not do.

For a US airline passenger, the latter does not seem to include breastfeeding.

A screenshot went viral of what appears to be a pilot messaging system suggesting that a passenger on Delta Air flight DL1360 to Atlanta started breastfeeding his cat and refused to quit inspite of repeated requests from the crew.

“Pax (passenger) in (seat) 13A is nursing a cat and will not return the cat to its carrier when asked for by the FA (flight attendant),” reads the ACARS memo.

The pilot asked Delta’s Redcoat ground team to meet the shopper just after landing to berate her.

In accordance to an on the net source, the carrier was contacted for comment to confirm no matter whether the accident took put.

Delta has tightened rules with regards to psychological assist animals in latest yrs soon after looking at an 84% raise in incidents.

Nonetheless, compared with in this scenario, it is commonly the animal that functions.

Travellers may possibly even now bring their tiny canines and cats into the cabin but they must continue to be in a kennel underneath the entrance seat for the total flight.


This incorporates an added expense for clients.

The phrase “emotionally supportive” has been interpreted broadly more than the a long time and, in a statement, Delta claimed to have seen “ease and comfort turkeys, gliding possums acknowledged as sugar gliders, snakes, spiders and extra,” taken on the planes.

A single of the most famed flyers was Daniel the Psychological Assistance Duck, who took a 37-year-old girl with PTSD on a flight in 2016.

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