A parade at the foot of the Giralda and three concerts in honor of Santa Cecilia

The Council of Processional Music Bands of Seville, in collaboration with the Seville City Council, will offer a parade next Saturday 27 November, in honor of Santa Cecilia, patron saint of music and musicians. This parade will begin at 17:00 in the Murillo Gardens, running along Calle San Fernando, Puerta de Jerez, Avenida de la Constitución, Santo Tomás, Miguel Mañara, Plaza del Triunfo and Plaza Virgen de los Reyes.

In the same will participate the musical groups adhered to this institution, which are almost twenty.

Three concerts of processional marches

Also, the Sunday 28 November will be held three concerts of processional marches in different enclaves of the city center, all at the same time, at 12:00. Other concerts scheduled for November 20 and 21 were suspended due to the rain forecast.

At Paseo Marqués de Contadero The Centuria Romana Macarena, the Seville Red Cross Youth Music Band and the Virgen de los Reyes Musical Group will be playing.

In the Jerez Gate The Musical Group of María Santísima del Rocío, the Band of Bugles and Drums of the Holy Christ of the Three Falls of Triana and the Musical Group Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Redención will do the same.

Finally, in the Triumph Square A concert will be offered by the Musical Group of María Santísima de las Angustias Coronada, the Band of Nuestra Señora de la Victoria “Las Cigarreras” and the Musical Group of Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Salud “Los Gitanos”.

The musical groups of Redemption, the Incarnation, Virgen de los Reyes, Los Gitanos, la Veterana de Sevilla; the cornet and drum bands of Centuria Macarena, El Sol, Las Cigarreras, Tres Caidas de Triana, Cristo de la Sangre, Pasión de Cristo, San Juan Evangelista; the music bands of the Red Cross and El Sol, as well as other youth groups and the Triana Symphony, are part of this institution created in 2003.

It should be remembered that last Monday, November 22, the traditional mass in honor of Santa Cecilia, patron saint of musicians, in the Church of Los Terceros. At its conclusion, the Seville Red Cross Music Band offered a concert of processional marches, during which the “Santa Cecilia” award was presented. This year it has fallen on three people who have dedicated a large part of their lives to processional music, Juan Ramírez Téllez, Antonio González Ríos and Luis Rodrigo Cuesta.

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Other concerts

Besides, the Band of the Sun will perform a concert of marches at the doors of the Baratillo Chapel, in honor of María Santísima de la Caridad en su Soledad, the Sunday 28 November at 13:00.

That same day, at 17:30, Las Cigarreras will offer another concert on Calle Asunción, in which its two cornet and drum bands will participate. At the end of it, in the nearby Chapel of the Tobacco Factory, the delivery of the Award Mother Cigarrera, which this year will fall on Antonio González Ríos, founder of the band and its director for many years.

Festivity of Santa Cecilia

Santa Cecilia is one of the saints most venerated by the Catholic Church. It is said that on her wedding day, while the musicians played, she sang to God in her heart, since she had decided to give her life to him and had to marry at her father’s wish. She was later tortured for converting to Christianity and died on November 22 of an indeterminate year, between 180 and 230.

In 1594, Pope Gregory XIII named her patron saint of musicians. «He has shown an irresistible attraction to the melodious chords of instruments. His sensitive and passionate spirit for this art thus made his name a symbol of music, “said the pope at that time.

According to the thesis of the Venezuelan history professor Jesús Ignacio Pérez-Perazzo, “the most probable event for him to be related to music is, because from a very young age and in accordance with the customs and traditions of Roman patrician families, Cecilia had to begin and play some musical instrument, probably the lyre, the zither or some type of harp of those used by the ladies of Roman society.

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These reasons made Santa Cecilia an icon of music and musicians, who celebrate their day every 22 November.


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