A nursery school and a health center inaugurated in Daloa and Lenguédougou

After a break of a few months, the Social Caravan of the Lonaci Foundation has resumed service, putting balm in the hearts of the Ivorian populations. Indeed, it inaugurated social infrastructures.

In the city of antelopes, instead of a rehabilitation desired by the educational community, the Foundation offered the EPP Bouabré Kipré Raphael II, a nursery school of four classes, fenced, with latrines. The works were financed at more than 44 million CFA francs. When the work was inaugurated on November 19, 2021, Foundation officials made a commitment to equip classrooms with tables and chairs.

The Regional Director of National Education and Literacy, Hien Georges welcomed this action of social significance of the Foundation. He indicated that this infrastructure is a valuable support provided to teachers, students and school administration. ” Teachers and schoolchildren will now be able to work in a pleasant and motivating environment, thus improving their performance », He mentioned.

The representative of the Director General and President of the Lonaci Foundation, Baba Ouattara expressed the wish to see these new classes contribute to the improvement of the learning conditions of the children of Tazibouo and the surrounding neighborhoods. Passing a message from the President of the Foundation, he encouraged school directors and teachers to continue their efforts in order to give a good foundation to the children, the managers of tomorrow.

The regional prefect, prefect of the department of Daloa thanked those responsible for the Foundation. As a reminder, during the inauguration of the Lonaci regional agency in Daloa in 2020, Bako Digbé Anatole made a complaint to Lonaci, that of increasing its investments in the region. A year later, his appeal was heard.

After Daloa, the Foundation headed for the department of Dianra where it offered a health center, a two-block building representing the dispensary and the maternity ward. This donation also includes accommodation for the medical team. The inauguration ceremony of the work held on Sunday, November 21, 2021 in the said locality recorded the presence of the first magistrate of Dianra and advisor to the President of the Republic in charge of worship, Koné Drissa; the president of the Regional Council of Béré, Kanaté Dogopo and the departmental director of health, Tuo Fangnigué. They thanked the people in charge of the Foundation.

The representative of the Director General and President of the Lonaci Foundation, Kouakou Lambert noted that through these donations, it is on the one hand for the Foundation to contribute to improving the health care of the populations of Lenguédougou. and on the other hand, to offer better working conditions to medical personnel.

The Secretary General of Dianra Prefecture, Zoni Gabriel, who presided over the ceremony, congratulated the Foundation for its work, before urging the medical profession to take care of the health center, but also the populations of Lenguédougou to attend it.

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