A new photo of Ahmed Saad and his fiancée, Alia Bassiouni, on the sea with the same spectacles


Singer Ahmed Saad shared his followers through a new image with his fiancée while they were enjoying the summer atmosphere together, through the Alsturi feature through his account on Instagram, where the duo appeared on the sea with great happiness.

Ahmed Saad with his fiancée

It also appeared during another image through the Al-Astori feature also in another image inside the swimming pool with the participation of his followers during his summer now, and the star Ahmed Saad had revealed, earlier, through special statements for “The Seventh Day”, about the story of his love that he lives these days, Where he explained that he is living a new love story with supermodel Alia Bassiouny, after he got acquainted with her some time ago.

Saad from inside the pool

Saad added that there is great satisfaction between them, and that he will announce the date of their engagement early next month, and as soon as Saad completes his marriage to Alia, she will be the fourth wife in the life of the star Ahmed Saad.

The star Ahmed Saad with model Alia Bassiouni appeared at her birthday party, which was revived by the popular singer Omar Kamal, and Ahmed Saad took pictures with Alia on this happy occasion, which raised questions about the artist’s ability to enter a new emotional relationship or that he was engaged to the model Alia Bassiouni.

On the other hand, Ahmed Saad lived a great success throughout the last month of Ramadan by singing several songs during the Prince series, which was starred by the star Mohamed Ramadan, and achieved great success, during which he collaborated with the composer and author Haitham Nabil and the distributor Adel Hakki, in a work written and directed by Muhammad Sami And the production of Synergy.


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