A new bacteria related to lung amoeba was discovered and named “Pokemonas” inspired by Pokeball_Sina.com

Original title: A new bacteria related to lung amoeba was discovered and named “Pokemonas” inspired by Pokeball Source: cnBeta.COM

A research team from the University of Cologne discovered bacteria in the amoeba that have not been described before. They are related to Legionella and may even cause disease.Researchers from the working group of Professor Michael Bonkowski of the Institute of Zoology put one of themThe newly discovered bacteria are named “Pokemonas” because they live in spherical amoeba, similar to Pokémon in video games, and can be caught by a ball. Their findings have been published in the journal Frontiers in Cellular and Infectious Microbiology.

The Legionellales have long received scientific attention because some of these bacteria are known to cause lung diseases in humans and animals, such as Legionnaires’ disease. It is caused by Legionella pneumophila and can sometimes be fatal. Legionella, as an intracellular parasite, lives and reproduces in the cells of the organism as the host. In particular, the host of Legionella is the amoeba. The term “ameba” is used to describe various microorganisms. They are not closely related, but have variable shapes and movement modes that crawl through prostheses.

In fact, the spherical Thecofilosea can serve as a host organism for Legionella. In Thecofilosea amoeba from environmental samples, scientists were able to detect various species of Legionella, including two previously undescribed genera and one undescribed Legionella species. “The results show that the range of known host organisms for these bacteria is much wider than previously thought. In addition, these findings indicate that there are more amoeba that may serve as hosts for Legionella – and thus may become disease vectors. Dr. Kenneth Dumack, who led the project, said: “In order to further study this issue, we are now sequencing the complete genomes of these bacteria.

In the future, these new findings should help to better understand the relationship between Legionella bacteria and clarify their interaction with the host and the route of infection to prevent disease outbreaks in humans.

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The researchers named one of the bacterial genera they discovered “Pokemonas”. This is a word game inspired by the game series Pokémon. This game has a history of 25 years. Most schoolchildren, students and their parents should be familiar with it. The name implies the intracellular lifestyle of bacteria in the spherical Thecofilosea amoeba, because in the Pokémon series of games, little monsters are caught in the ball, much like the “Pokemonas” in Thecofilosea.




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