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“Tabekko Animal” Confectionery Supplies Appeared

Village Vanguard has started selling Kaijirushi confectionery goods featuring the characters of “Tabekko Animal” on Village Vanguard Online. The lineup includes cookie cutters and wrapping boxes, with prices ranging from 550 yen to 1,100 yen.

Confectionery products that collaborated with Ginbisu’s biscuit “Tabekko Animal” and KAI. In addition to cookie molds, chocolate molds, and bar chocolate molds that can be used to make sweets in the shape of characters, wrapping boxes that mimic Tabekko Animal packaging will be available.

Stamp cookie type that can easily reproduce characters

“Cookie cutter set” has two types with different characters. The lineup includes a set of “Lion-kun/Hippo-san/Panda-san” and “Elephant-san/Rabbit-san/Saru-san”. The price is 880 yen each.

In addition to the silhouette of the character’s silhouette, the stamp type with facial expressions is included in the set, so you can easily reproduce the character of Tabekko Animal. A cookie recipe is included.

Cookie cutter set (Lion-kun/Kaba-san/Panda-san)

Elephant/Rabbit/Monkey set

You can easily reproduce the facial expressions of the characters.

Silicone molds for making chocolate and gummies

“Silicone chocolate mold” can make 9 kinds of character chocolate such as Lion-kun and Elephant. The price is 1,100 yen.

It can be used not only for chocolate, but also for gummy and ice making. Because it is made of silicon, it is easy to take out the finished chocolate. The main body size is 140 x 175 x 9 mm (width x depth x height).

silicone chocolate mold

You can make chocolate and gummies

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Bar chocolate type that is easy to distribute to a large number of people

“Chocolate board” is a design with 12 different character faces and English names. The price is 1,100 yen.

In addition to giving a whole piece for Valentine’s Day, it is also recommended to divide it by character and give it to multiple people. The main body size is 140 x 175 x 9 mm (width x depth x height). The full water capacity is 190ml.

chocolate bar mold

Design with the character’s face and English name

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