A man in Šumava fell off a rock! A helicopter flew for the wounded


“We went to the accident immediately in pairs with the necessary equipment. We assumed that the man was in difficult terrain, so in addition to treatment we had to ensure a safe approach of the helicopter and lift the patient,” said one of the intervening members of the Šumava Mountain Service Ondřej Zeman. .

The peak of Trojmezí lies on the border of the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. A middle-aged German tourist fell from about three meters.

A rescue service helicopter from Bechyně also arrived on the scene. “The doctor and the paramedic had already been launched from the helicopter directly to the scene of the accident. We immediately joined them and treated the wounded together,” Zeman said.

The men were fixed in a vacuum mattress and pulled aboard the helicopter. He then headed to the German side of Mount Třístoličník. “Below its peak is a mountain hut of the German Tourist Association,” Zeman added.

There the crew landed and handed the injured man to paramedics of the German rescue service.

“In such cases, similar cross-border cooperation and coordination of rescue services is necessary and fortunately without problems,” commented the head of the Šumava Mountain Service Michal Janďura.

Rescue of a German tourist in Šumava:


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