A man executed his dog with a blade because it killed the neighbors’ chickens

According to La Voz de Melo radio, the incident occurred on Tuesday in the La Palma neighborhood of that city, but only in the last few hours did the Cerro Largo Police Headquarters issue a statement about the episode.

Members of Section 15 went to the scene after reporting that a man had killed a dog with a knife. To the Police, the individual told him that he had killed the animal crosses criollo with dogo, because when he was loose he killed the neighbors’ chickens and they wanted him to pay them, reported the Headquarters.

The man was made available to the Prosecutor’s Office and Justice, and it was determined that the individual, with the initials JMMS, be seen by a psychiatrist to evaluate his possible compulsory hospitalization due to the act of violence he was involved in.

The man was also instructed not to commit any act of violence towards any animal, under penalty of incurring a crime of contempt. As well as the prohibition of possession of any animal and if it had them, they would be referred to protectors or donated to farms.

Under the slogan “No to Animal Abuse” a mobilization is called for this Saturday in the Plaza ConstituciĆ³n de Melo.

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