A loan, a usurious debt, extortion, threats and two defendants

At that moment, the debtor signed a promissory note that was not banked. When it came time to repay the debt, the man had not been able to meet the amount required by the lender, for which he called him by phone to impose the situation and extend the repayment period by refinancing the debt. Milton Nahuel O. told him that there were no problems, although nothing is free in the capitalist world. The repayment term was extended until April 8, but the amount with interest raised the amount to be returned to 8,868 dollars.

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After that period, the victim was still unable to collect the required money and then began a new negotiation with Milton O. There were several telephone calls until they reached a new arrangement that included the requirement to sign another promissory note. this time for $ 9,300, that is, with more than 50% interest.

The debtor did not have many possibilities and accepted the proposal, so Milton Nahuel O. went to the man’s house to sign the new document. After doing so, he asked the lender to refund the first signed promissory note, but whoever had given him the money denied it and this led to a verbal dispute that foreshadowed what was to come.

As days go by the debtor began to receive threats by WhatsApp to pay the debt and, afraid, coordinated a new meeting for April 16 at the door of a building in Urquiza at 1300, in the downtown of the city, where the lawyer Ricardo Aníbal MG has his study When the victim went to the place, he was received by the two men who demanded that he no longer sign a simple promissory note but also a contract of mutual agreement and a purchase ticket on some garages of the unfortunate recipient of the money with which he would settle the debt. That maneuver translated into a total of $ 16,200, that is, 170% interest plus principal.

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The debtor, frightened by the amount, refused to sign papers and after that the threats he received began to intensify, which is why he decided to file a complaint with the Investigation and Trial Prosecutor’s Office in charge of Viviana O’Conell who entrusted the field tasks to the Criminal Investigation Agency to find the usurious moneylenders.

So things were done last Tuesday five raids in different parts of the city. At an address in Iriondo at 1200, in the Echesortu neighborhood, the lawyer Ricardo Aníbal MG was arrested. and from his law firm in Urquiza in 1300 a notebook was seized in which evidence of the usurious loan was stored; While the moneylender Milton Nahuel OM was arrested on a farm in Alem at 3400.

Both arrived at the imputative hearing in which the prosecutor O’Conell blamed the former as a secondary participant in extortion and the lender the crimes of usury, threats and extortion as an author.

In her opinion, Judge María Trinidad Chiabrera dictated preventive detention of the lender until next August 6 and by means of an agreement of the parties, the magistrate ordered the lawyer Ricardo Aníbal M. a bond of 200 thousand pesos and restrictions, including prohibition to approach the victim or the buildings involved in the maneuver.

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