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A judge in Mar del Plata gave rise to an injunction filed by a former candidate from Aldo Rico’s party.
In the same it orders to suspend the Voluntary Law of the Interruption of Pregnancy because it violates the international obligation of the Argentine State to protect life from conception.

In the ruling, he remarks that “his? Condition of Catholic and respectful of human life is not an obstacle to intervention.” To then compare his decision with other causes defined by justice, such as one from 1980, where some parents to authorize the transplant of a kidney from a minor daughter to another son of the couple or the ruling in San Juan where a woman was forbidden to interrupt her pregnancy.

Ultimately, the judge ordered the precautionary suspension of both Law No. 27,610 on Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy and the? Protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to legal interruption of pregnancy ?, approved at the end of 2019 by the Power National Executive.

In the following, the amparo action will continue with the reports to be submitted by the National State, requested after the issuance of the precautionary measure.

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