A job in energy, urban development and education promote UMAG and the UCH

Con tasks in the short, medium and long term will generate joint work enter here Magellan University (UMAG) and the Mathematical Modeling Center (CMM) of the University of Chile (UCH) for address aspects of governance and technical inputs in areas of Energy, urban Development y education.

For this, the rector of the University of Magallanes, José Maripani, met with representatives of the CMM, headed by its director Alejandro Jofré, who arrived accompanied by researchers Patricio Felmer and Eduardo Vera, who have worked on educational development and fiber optics. respectively at the national level.

At the meeting they discussed three topics to promote cooperation actions between UMAG and the University of Chile. It is interesting to develop actions in the field of energy as well as in urban development. “In this perspective, they offered us support to advance in what would be model to collaborate in the possible governance that large projects in these areas should have. For that you need citizen participation and the Mathematical Modeling Center has been carrying out participatory processes with a type of software they developed and where statements, segmentations of the population are established, information is collected and prioritizations of what would be the possible scenarios that our communities would have are given, ”said Maripani.

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With this elaborated scheme, this input is delivered to the respective authority so that they can be generated and advance in public policies. Thus, it seeks how to make the region have a more orderly development in energy and urban areas.

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Likewise, the aspect of education was addressed, where Patricio Felmer already works with the dean of the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences of UMAG, Álvaro González. They address initiatives for rapprochement with schools to improve understanding and development in general terms of the levels of education in public establishments, which is the area to strengthen and develop.

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