A historic sales record set at 16,500 euros


This Thomire table top sold for 16,500 euros. – © TV CONSEIL

The production had announced it, a new record was broken this Thursday in Deal concluded on France 2. A table top made by the engraver and bronzier Pierre-Philippe Thomire was bought by Pierre-Jean Chalençon for the modest sum of… 16,500 euros.

The previous record was therefore broken: it was a sculpture of a lion, bought by Caroline Pons for 12,750 euros. If we are still far from the numbers with six zeros, the sums that the buyers of Sophie Davant’s show are willing to spend are only increasing. Thus, in April 2019, Pierre-Jean Chalençon had recovered Picasso’s drawings for 9,300 euros.

“I didn’t know if it was a replica or a real one”

This sale is a very nice surprise for Tristan, the electronic BTS student from Nîmes who presented the object. The statue was lying around the house of his mother, who was about to move. The young man hoped to get 1,000 euros from the object, which was valued at 7,000 euros by the expert, and sold for more than double.

“I had learned about a potential value by looking at the Internet, but I did not know if it was a replica or a real one,” Tristan told the Parisian. With the money collected, he was able to “pay my mother’s moving expenses and give many gifts to my parents, my grandparents as well as my sister and my brother”. 1,000 euros went for taxes, as for any art object that costs more than 5,000 euros. “In the end, I have a quarter of the money left that I plan to invest in a purchase and then make rental property,” explains Tristan daily.



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